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Biosafety Cabinet-Class I, II or III

Supply/Exhaust Units

Clean Rooms

Fume Hoods

Laminar Flow Units

Clean Benches

PCR Units

Also Certification and Repair of:

  • Animal Isolators
  • Bactec 460
  • Bag-In Bag-Out HEPA Filter Banks
  • Containment Suites
  • Ductless Fume Hoods
  • Exhaust HEPA Filter Banks
  • Filter Replacement Data
  • Filter Replacement SOP's
  • Glove Boxes
  • HEPA Vacuums
  • Isolation Chambers
  • Local Exhaust Hoods
  • Maintenance and Repair of Incubators
  • Negative Exhaust Hoods
  • Patient Isolators
  • Supply Air Handler HEPA Filter Banks

Each ECLS technician is highly skilled with a combination of manufacturers training, extensive job experience and continuing education. Technicians are proficient in every phase of design, maintenance, repair, recalibration, testing and certification. Both NSF and IAFCA accredited technicians are available, along with NIST traceable calibrated equipment.


Cleanrooms may be unidirectional (laminar), non-unidirectional (turbulent), or mixed airflow. Clients may choose from a variety of tests, depending upon their needs. A partial list from the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology document IEST-RP-CC006.3 - "Testing Cleanrooms" would include:

Airflow Velocity/Volume

  • HEPA Filter Leak Test
  • Particle Counts
  • Room Pressurization
  • Parallelism
  • Recovery
  • Integrity
  • Light Levels
  • Noise Levels
  • Temperature/Humidity
  • Vibration


East Coast Laboratory Services offers all the testing requirements

needing for you to meet the always changing USP 797


  • Testing and certification of ISO Class 5 Primary Engineering Controls including biological safety cabinets, laminar flow clean benches and clean air devices and isolators.
  • Testing and certification of ISO Class 7 cleanrooms and anterooms including particle counting, airflow volume profiling, air exchange rates, HEPA filter integrity testing, room pressurization monitoring and temperature and humidity monitoring.
  • Videotaped in-situ air pattern analysis (smoke studies) of ISO Class 5 PECs under dynamic conditions for inspection compliance.
  • Isolator Performance Qualification.
  • Airborne and surface microbial environmental monitoring of PECs and SECs including a sample plan development, plate collection, incubation, analysis, growth identification and reporting.



has over 40 years of combined decontamination knowledge. We understand when product contamination occurs due to biological contaminants, the results can be devastating. East Coast Laboratory Services has the experience and expertise in eradicating viral, bacterial and fungal contaminants from laboratory and production equipment and spaces. From BSCs and incubators to aseptic clean rooms, animal vivarium and operating rooms to full facility decommissioning, ECS has the bio-decontamination expertise, cutting edge technology and the most experienced team in the business to get you back up and running. We offer validation of results via biological indicator efficacy testing.

East Coast Laboratory Services is able to offer Chlorine Dioxide decontaminations on the following:

Air Handling Units

Animal Rooms

Exhaust Units

Biosafety Cabinets


Clean Suites

General Lab equipment  

Installation/relocation, disposal of laboratory equipment

East Coast Laboratory Services helps new and established companies with installation/relocation of their laboratory equipment. Most laboratory equipment shares some unique properties: expensive, delicate, and size. Many pieces of equipment require special moving preparation procedures, specialized tools, or dismantling equipment. East Coast Laboratory Services will work with you to plan your installation/relocation event. We will work with you throughout the process so you can meet your timelines.

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